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Things to do in Jimbaran Bay are truly never-ending. Let Alur Natura Apartments serve your vacation rental needs with our fully-furnished apartments. Although this fishing village is best recognized for its incredible beaches & fresh seafood, there are also plenty of other things to do in Jimbaran, Bali. Just park your rented motorbike or car in our underground car park so you can get out and explore!

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Top 8 Cool Things To Do In Jimbaran Bay Bali

Jimbaran is a very popular destination for the travellers to Bali. Apart from the amazing seashore and the Jimbaran Bay, you will find lots of other things to do. Here are a few of the top things to do in Jimbaran.

  • One will miss a very memorable experience if he or she does not consume the fresh and delicious seafood from one of the many warungs on the beach. In fact, you will come across clusters of restaurants at both ends of the bay and interestingly, the menu is almost identical in each of them. All you need to is select the delicacy that you prefer and satisfy your taste buds.
  • Your getaway to Bali will not be complete unless you do not visit any of the reputable spas on the island. There are plenty of affordable and top-class spas in Jimbaran which will mesmerize you with their service. The cost can vary from only ten dollars per hour to as much as a hundred dollars.
  • In Bali, the most famous fish market happens to be the one which is located right in Jimbaran. This huge market is known for being the source of the majority of the seafood in Bali. Get there before sunset and observe the fishing boats unloading their catches of squids, red snapper, shellfish and various other types of fish from the waters around Bali. You also have the opportunity of choosing the best selection of fresh fish if you get there early. This fish market is located to the north of Jimbaran Bay.
  • Another popular activity in this area would be to go deep sea fishing. It is possible to haul in some serious big catches such as tuna, snapper, amberjack, and mackerel. For this particular activity, you may contact the Bali Fishing Sensation which can arrange the fishing trips for you.
  • In Jimbaran, the produce market is considered the best in the whole of Bali. Although the market is rather small, you can always get products of the highest quality. If you get up early in the morning, you will be able to get the best product in the market. However, if you fail to do so the market will still be an enjoyable place for you to visit.
  • Jimbaran Beach is really ideal and friendly for the kids. It is completely risk-free for the children to go swimming here since the sand is soft and the water is usually calm. In fact, this beach is much safer as compared to the nearby well-known surf beaches.
  • One more popular activity that you can do while you are on your vacation in Bali would be to visit the Pura Ulun Siwi Temple in Jimbaran. It is situated close to the produce market in the heart of Jimbaran. This structure was constructed from Black Rock in the 18th century. Although this particular temple might not have the same elegance as that of the other temples in Bali, it is still worthwhile for you to visit.
  • The last activity which we will mention in this list will be to play a game of paintball at the Bali Paintball Arena. There are two courses in this arena with a village theme and another one with an island and castle theme. This arena is situated at the south of the Bukit Peninsula, not far from Jimbaran. It is a wonderful setting for several hours of friendly combat.